A downloadable Train for Windows

Sinitrain is a game made for the January game dev league game jam.

Aspects of the game where inspired by Sinistar.

The game involves shooting signs and enemies, to control the direction the train travels in, in space.

(uploaded january 28th, 2017)

(updated january 29th, 2017)

Help and tips:


Left click to fire projectiles

Right click to make SE when playing in normal, or hard.

Object of the game:

get to the red ball of energy at the end of the railroad track.

to do this you must switch tracks, via hitting a sign with a projectile,

in order to avoid falling into the dark endless void of space.

you will also be constantly consuming fuel, and tacking damage

from enemies. devour martians to regain fuel, and fight

back to avoid taking damage.



martian's cannot fight back, and will restore fuel when run over


ships will attempt to run into you and blow themselves up in order to do damage

Red Ship:

red ships will act the same as regular ships, except they can also fire projectiles


sometimes you can get a little off track by hitting signs infront of you

while still switching signs. this is nothing to worry about,

as long as you stay somewhat on the tracks.

enemies can shoot things from offscreen, but so can you, keep that in mind.


Carefree- song by kevin mcloud

dklon - laser se

tinyworlds (uploader) - explosion se

Wilhelm Scream - ----

SITEPAL text to speech

Curha - Sir Fish

The Vivisectors - Ghostly island, Great serpent, and Werewolve's Dungeon

Engine - Game Maker Studios by Yo Yo Games

everything else - Hunter Hatfield (AKA Retnuh)

Install instructions

unzip and enjoy.


Sinitrain.zip 12 MB